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Author: Lune Nightingale
Fandom: Iron Man 1 & 2, Avengers (movie!verse)
Pairing: Tony Stark/Steve Rogers
Genre: Fluff, Romance, Family
Rating: PG
Notes: This is in response to a the meme posted on my Tony profile. [ profile] feelstaller requested father!Tony and this is what I came up with. Maybe someday I'll elaborate where the kids came from. XD
Warnings: This is AU. Tony and Steve got married (eloped) based on an rp with the prompter and they went on to do the whole real family thing. This is just to make you smile and no questionable material in it, I promise!
Disclaimer: I do not own these lovely individuals. Just the twisted thoughts of a girl with too much imagination.
Word Count: 1,173

No Second Thoughts

“James Grant Rogers-Stark! I told you to put that down!” Sparks fluttered off of the now broken power conduit that Tony had been working on. Large blue eyes looked up at him and wavered with the sheen of tears. He instantly felt bad for yelling at the boy... it made him feel like he was Howard all those years ago. “Just... get away from it, James...”

Tony would have gotten up from his spot, but his hands were lost in dark brown-black hair braiding the silken locks of the little girl sitting on the floor in front of him. “He did tell you, Jamie!” The matter-of-fact cluck came from the little girl that made Tony want to rub his face.

Little fists rose to rub fiercely at those blue eyes as he answered louder than necessary. “Shut up, Sarah! And don't call me that! Only babies are called that!”

“Oh please. You're only six!” And Tony wanted to just sigh when Sarah jerked making his progress a moot point.

“What's all the yelling about?” The exasperated tone broke up the fight between Sarah and James who both looked up at the tall man standing in the door. Sighing, the hair was a lost cause now. Tony sat back and looked at the second set of bright blue that turned to look at him curiously. “James... what on earth...”

“Why'd you stop, papa?” Sarah asked in upset and he held his hands up in frustration even if his face stayed placid. He could hear Steve picking up the pieces of the broken item on the ground while talking quietly to the little boy.

“Well, I figured if you weren't ready to sit still, I'd wait till you were.” Tony arched a brow as she gave him a flat look. He couldn't tell if she learned it from Pepper or Steve...

“Don't be silly, papa. Aunt Pepper says you're worse.” Definitely from Pepper. “I'll be still!” She turned around presenting her head to him again and this time... he focused on getting it done faster before she proved herself wrong.

“Did you burn yourself?” Looking up at his husband, he sound the crease of worry in his brow at he ran his fingers softly over the little boy's hand. James sniffled once and Tony had to smile. James was a lot like himself. In the affect that when he got 'hurt' only Maria Stark could make him cry by asking if he was ok. That was James with Steve.

“I'm fine, daddy!” James voice was too high to be 'fine' but neither Steve nor Tony called him on it.

“I know. Go rinse it off with cold water and ask Pepper if she'll check it for you ok?” The little boy nodded eagerly in return before he ran out of the room. And as he tied off the thick dark hair, his eyes met Steve's.

“Daddy!” Sarah was up instantly and running to to Steve turning about. “Do I look pretty, daddy? Did Papa do a good job?”

“Beautiful. You know your papa never messes up.” Tony snorted softly as his elbows came to rest on his knees. “Go make sure your brother is ok and show Pepper and Happy?” She nodded happily and soon trotted out of the room as well.

“See, Jamie! If you'd listen to papa...” The sound trailed off as Tony's eyes found Steve's again and their silence filled the room.

“I didn't mean to yell at him.”


“I should have gotten up and just...”

“It's ok, Tony...”

“I didn't want to make him cry... I just didn't him to hurt himself.” Jumping suddenly, he felt those strong hands cupping his face. Finally blinking the haze away, he felt his mind finally focusing again on his husband and best friend.

“You're fine. He knows you didn't yell at him to be mean.” Steve's lips twitched up slightly as Tony gave him a flustered look. “And if you'd stopped braiding Sarah's hair to pay attention to him, she would have started crying. We both know she doesn't like him honing in on her time with you.”

“When I told you I didn't think I could be a father... I didn't think I'd end up with twins and not knowing a thing about how to deal with it.” Tony's smile was small as he reached out to touch the side of his face. “But you know what...”

“SARAH MARIA! YOU DID NOT JUST DO THAT!” Pepper's voice sounded through the rooms cutting Tony off promptly.

“No second thoughts, Tony.” Steve was grinning now in amusement as Tony's hand pressed over his face.

“None. Just wondering if I should start taking a nerve pill.”

“You don't mean that...” There was soft laughter in his voice as he tipped Tony's head up with his hands. Tony simply grinned up at him.

After a short pause, the industrialist moved closer whispering. “No... I don't.”

Steve tugged at him, head tipping just a little to let their lips touch. That was when the chorus of “EW! Daddy and Papa are kissing!” Tony dropped his head down to Steve's shoulder laughing to himself.

“Take a deep breath, Tony...” The laughter in Steve's voice was what made him pinch Steve and cause the blonde to jump and start laughing in earnest.

“You're all lucky I love you.”

“We really are...” Steve grinned as he leaned back to let the twins crawl up in their laps.

Tony let his eyes drop down to meet his son's eyes as he looked up at him with earnest apology. “I'm sorry, papa... I didn't mean to break it.”

And as he lifted a hand to slide through similar brown-black hair, Tony leaned in to touch their foreheads together. “I can make a new one. Can't make a new you...” James smiled at that and soon little arms curled about his neck. Hugging the child to his chest, he let his head rest against his. “And we're going to be late...”

Standing up, he lifted James with him and started for the door. Steve was following up behind him heading for the door. Pepper looked up at him from grabbing Tony's suit jacket and smiled a little. He could see she'd just gotten a stain out of his jacket... and from the way Sarah was hiding her face in Steve's neck... he knew exactly why Pepper had gotten upset.

Waving Pepper off, he indicated for her to come along with Happy following close behind. Tony never wanted to be a father. Had not reason to be a father... Until he met Steve that wanted 2.5 kids and a house... the whole nine yards. Closing his eyes, he smiled to himself. He couldn't say he was all that upset about giving Steve just that.

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