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Title: Enough

Series: G1

Pairing: Prowl/Sunstreaker

Rating: PG-13 for nuances only

Warnings: None really except that it’s mech on mech action. XD

Notes: This is my “I’m sorry for being gone so long ficlet” that is just a random one-shot from the Light of the Sun continuum. Think of it as a little after. I will write more on it soon, I promise… just gotta make it through thanksgiving. This is waff and fluff… though I was begged for it to be smut. -Laughs- Thanks Okami-chan for beta’ing for me, you’re made of so much win.

Disclaimer: I do not own Transformers or the lyrics to the song “Nothing Else Matters”. Those belong to Has/Tak and Metallica respectively.



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