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Count Cain Fanfiction
Title: Double Edged Desires
Pairing: Cassian/Jezebel
Rating: PG
Notes/Summary: These are the depressing thoughts that shift through Cassian’s head towards his superior. It is pretty mild, just angsty. But seriously, I love this couple, so I had to write them at least a drabble in their honor. This has slight spoilers going up to the end of Castrato and a little from Godless. Not too bad and it wouldn’t really hurt anyone that hasn’t read it all. At least, I don’t think it would. Enjoy!

Dedicated to  [profile] eloquencelostand her sudden addiction to this pairing. ^^ I did promise to write something, ne? Just don’t tell my teachers that I’m not doing my homework and opting to play and write fanfiction. ^.~

Cross posted to my writing journal [profile] touketsu_yukiand the [profile] count_caincommunity. 


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