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Author: Lune Nightingale
Genre: Humor, Fluff
Fandom: White Collar, The Vampire Diaries
Pairing: Neal Caffrey/Damon Salvatore
Rating: PG
Notes: Not really much to note aside from the fact that this is basically taken from an rp verse with [ profile] makesudothings and that they met while Neal and Peter were busting an art show for fraud that Damon happened to be at.
Disclaimer: I don't own Neal or Damon. But I'd love to see them kissing. So sue me. X3
Summary: Neal's not going directly home tonight... and Peter wants to know why.
Word Count: 1,426



Princes, Paupers, and Conmen


“Ok guys, might as well pack up and call it a day.” Peter closed the file in front of him on the table as Jones and Diana gathered their own. Neal on the other hand had barely looked at his the entire session. Not that he wasn't helpful, no, he knew that he had plenty to offer. It's just that his mind wasn't all hundred percent present at that moment. From the looks Peter was sending him, it was obvious he noticed.

“Got somewhere to be, Caffrey?” Both Jones and Diana stopped at the question and two sets of dark eyes moved over to him. Swiveling his chair back and forth a few times, he could feel the corners of his lips twitching upward. “I take it, that means you don't need a ride home.”

“So, Caffrey, is it true you're dating again?' Diana smirked as she leaned back against the door frame watching him with a cool calculating gaze. Sometimes, he had to admit, the girl was one of few females that could make his squirm.

“Dating?” Peter looked up suddenly, shock evident in his eyes.

“You hadn't heard, Peter? This guys been touchin' flutes together with the richer company these days. Guess there won't be too many more beers in your future, right Caffrey?” Jones dropped back against the other side of the door frame next to Diana and grinned. They were enjoying this way too much.

“You're telling me... you found a sugar momma?” Neal didn't know if that look on Peter's face was closer to upset or amused with the way his eyebrows were crawling up his brow.

“Check that, boss... sugar daddy.” Diana quipped in real utter amusement. She always told him that he'd look rather nice batting for both teams.

Peter stood there and Neal could hear the cogs in his head turning. “Wait... you're using a guy to keep up your lifestyle? Neal...”

“Don't you even say that, Peter. Not you.” Neal had been mostly amused during the exchange, but the further they went, the more uncomfortable he was getting. Pressing his lips together in a thin line, his jaw tightened. The silence in the room was almost palpable.

“Ok... so... who is he?” He would at least give the guy points for trying. You could rely on the guy to always be awkward in these circumstance.

“I'm not telling you so you can run a background check on him.”

Diana and Jones laughed until Peter shot them a look. “I won't run a background check on him, Neal.”

“Sure you won't, cause I'm not telling you.” This time, the smile that pulled at Neal's lips was devious and it made Peter frown. He loved messing with the guy.

“Be nice, Caffrey.” Diana cut him off before looking at their boss. “All I know is his name is Damon.” Turning his head sharply to her, Neal's blue eyes widened a little. “Don't look so surprised, Caffrey... I've heard that name said on the phone too many times not to know your inflections different when you talk to that guy.”

He was that obvious?

“You're really serious about this, Neal?” The look that he caught in Peter's eyes when he met them left the last part unspoken. 'And you didn't tell me?'

“Peter...” He started to to say something, anything to stroke the guy's ego. Peter was his best friend aside from Mozz. But somethings he just wasn't ready to share. But that's when he realized both Diana and Jones were turned to look down into the office with stunned expressions. Pushing to his feet, he started for the door about the moment Peter did and slid out between them to see why the office had become suddenly so quiet.

There in the midst of the people on the office floor was the tall lithe form of the man they were talking about just now. “Oh my.” He heard Diana breathe the words as she tapped her lower lip a few times. “Is that...?”

Neal's eyes lit up as he moved over to the rail and leaned against it just drinking in the sight of the other man. “Yeah...” Damon stood there looking aloof, uninterested and bored. That's normally how he looked when Neal found him. Damons' dark raven hair was swept back behind his ears for the moment, and the former conman allowed his eyes drift from there down the line of the man's neck until pale skin disappeared into the dark collar of his coat.

“Ok... I take it back, it's not about the money.” The older man beside him looked a little stunned as well. Peter's brow furrowed slightly before he looked at Neal. “Please tell me it's not about the sex either.”

“Ha ha, Peter.” The slightly louder tone drew attention, but more particular was the attention of those intense blue eyes. Neal felt like the world suddenly stood still as their eyes met. Maybe he wouldn't admit it out loud, but he loved the moment Damon realized he entered the room. Those perfect features lit up and the barest twitch of a smile would pull at the corner of those lips. The bored look of a moment ago was completely gone leaving the completely attentive gaze resting only on him.

“Damn. Guys enamored.” Jones said that quietly to Diana who only snickered.

“I can't tell whose worse. 'Damon' or Caffrey.”

Peter snorted beside him and muttered under his breath. “Guess you really won't need a ride home.” Suddenly turning, Neal grinned at his friend and slapped his hand softly into his bicep.

“You're absolutely right about that, Peter. I'll see you in the morning.” He was about to let go when he saw that question in his eyes. “He knows who I am Peter. It's fine.” Sometimes the guy reminded him of what it would be like to have an over protective father. “I'll be home by midnight.” Sending the agent a cheshire cat grin, he moved past him to trot down the stairs.

“You better be here on time tomorrow, Caffrey!” Peter's voice trailed after him as he crossed the office floor to stop in front of the other man. They shared a quiet smile before Neal looked up at the head agent and snapped a salute. It only earned him a wave off before the man marched off toward his office.

“Interesting guy.” That smooth voice didn't fool him. It was conversational, but there was no interest in Peter Burke aside from the curiosity about the relationship.

Neal's eyes returned to Damon's and he smiled slowly. “I'll save 'meeting dad' for another time. Ready to go?”

Damon canted his head a little before nodding once. “Sì.

When the turned to start toward the door, their shoulders brushed just a little and Neal couldn't resist moving his fingers to let their fingers graze. “Mi manchi, passerotto mio.

“Oh? Veramente?” He could see the smile grow on his face. Neal was always this enchanted with the man. So much so he didn't even notice the looks they were receiving. “Provare, luce mio.

Neal laughed at this and arched a brow. Shaking his head, he pushed the button for the elevator and grinned a bit more. “What if I told you I know the perfect angle to avoid the camera's in the elevator? From the look in those gorgeous eyes, he knew that was a start in proving how much he missed him. But then, proving things.... one at a time, was becoming something he enjoyed doing. And now that the proverbial cat was out of the bag, Neal figured Peter would be on him like a blood hound in the morning. The mental image had him smirking in utter amusement.

“What?” Turning his head, he noted the genuine curiosity just before the elevator dinged.

“I think Peter's first question to you when you meet him... is if you realize I'm a conman.” Walking into the elevator, he could almost feel those eyes on his back... and when he ducked into the corner out of the line of vision, he knew that the other man was close on his heels. And the part that sent his heart fluttering a mile a minute? Was that the way Damon kissed him in that moment... told him that would never be an issue.


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