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Author: Lune Nightingale
Genre: Romance, Bittersweet Fluff
Fandom: Friday the 13th and DeVour
Pairing: Clay/Jake
Rating: PG-13
Notes: It’s just fluffy in ways just as much as it is sad. This is inspired by rp with [ profile] livedthelie  on LJ and it just grew from there.
Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the characters or movies in this piece… nor the lyrics. Please don’t sue… I has no money. T-T
Summary: Whitney always asked him if the love songs finally made sense…
Word Count: 2,039



Are you the one?
Who'd share this life with me
Who'd dive into the sea with me
Are you the one?
Who's had enough of pain
And doesn't wish to feel the shame, anymore
Are you the one?

“Are You the One” by Within Temptation


“I’m glad you’re moving on Clay…”

            “Don’t say it like that, Whitney…” Pinching the bridge of his nose, he soon slid the thumb and index finger down to rub his eyes. Shifting the cell phone on his shoulder, he rolled onto his side on the couch.

            “What? Am I not supposed to be happy you’ve found a little peace?”

            “Have you?” His voice was soft and he knew the silence answered his question. “Whitney… I…”

            “I still go to see the Dr. Malone. I’ll be ok.” Her voice sounded so detached. When she’d started seeing the doctor, he’d been there with her. Now they were states apart… because he took it to heart when the man told him he should let her cope and stop over protecting her. Sometimes, he wondered if she took it better than he did.

            “I know.”

            “So… what’s he like?”

            Clay blinked a few times at the question and frowned. “You’re serious?”

            “No, Clay… I’m asking about your boss.”
            “My boss isn’t so bad if a bit crusty around the edges…”

            “Clay…” That edge to her tone made him smile.

            “He’s amazing.”

            “Oh you are so gone aren’t you?” This time there was soft amusement and it made him smile just a little. Since when did he do girl talk? Since missing her so badly…

            “Shut up. I’m allowed.”

            “What’s Mr. Amazing’s name?”

            “Jake.” And he was sure even over the phone she heard the wistful sigh.


            “And nothing Whitney… I’m not going to squeal like a teenage school girl with a crush no matter how hard you try.”


            He really hated when she did that. “He’s good with computers… I could die happy from his cooking… He’s the kind of loyal you read about in books and… he’s just…” He was struggling now, because to him, Jake surpassed words.

            “And all the love songs suddenly make sense.” Whitney’s voice was so soft and gentle. Mature beyond her years and he felt so utterly guilty just listening to her sound so fond of him when he’d taken so long to find her.

            “Yeah…” But she was right.

            “I don’t believe he exists.” Her sudden chirped words made him pause.


            “Nope. I think you made him up. There’s only one real Romeo on steroids in this world and that’s you, brother mine. So I won’t believe this ‘amazing’ guy exists till you prove it.” Why the little…

            “And how am I supposed to prove that?”

            “Take a picture of him and send it to me.”

            “Whitney!” When she just ‘hm’ed at him in that daring tone he frowned. “I don’t even know how the camera function works on this thing much less how to send you a picture!”

            “It’s ok my wayward brother. Just do as I say.”




            “I’m ho-…” The mechanical replicated sound of a camera sounded in the room as soon as the dark blonde entered the door. Wide surprised green eyes met his for a moment before they settled on the phone. “Did you just take a picture of me?”

            Clay shifted a little on his feet and ducked his head. “Maybe?”

            “….Why?” Jake didn’t move from that spot in the door as he eyed the phone a little skeptically. He had a feeling it was partly because Clay ran from technology.

            “I wanted a picture of you?” Oh, but he sounded so guilty.

            “Uh-huh…” The corner of perfect full lips twitched up a little, and Clay knew his lover knew he wasn’t being a hundred percent honest. The other man closed the door and locked it with purposeful motions before facing him again. “Is that so?”

            Hazel eyes slid down his lover’s form as he stalked toward him. Jake moved with the grace of a large cat ready to just devour him… and he loved that facet of him just as much as he loved all the rest. Quickly fumbling with the phone, he nodded his head and nearly hit the send button when he realized the first error was taking his eyes off him.

            Before he knew it, they were in a playful wrestling match that missed the couch and landed them both on the floor. After tumbling and rolling across the floor for a few moments, he managed to hit the send button before Jake snatched it out of his hand. Looking up at his lover from his supine position on the floor, he gasped as Jake sat back dangerously close to his groin. The other man’s brow furrowed as he looked at Clay’s phone. “You sent a picture of me to your sister?”

            It was such a soft almost heart broken inquiry that Clay’s hands were instantly up and cupping the beautiful visage with large hands. Jake closed his eyes at the touch and his lips parted silently. Family. It always made the man he loved look like a wounded animal. Running his thumb over his lower lip, he answered softly. “I’m sorry… she’s been asking…”

            “And you can’t tell her no…” It wasn’t angry. No, it was more fondness to that tone. Thick beautiful lashes rose and Clay felt like he was drowning in beautiful peridot green. Watching them darken to near emerald, he found his own lips parting in a need for more air. “Why are you so good?”

            Things like that always left him stunned. Clay hated himself for so long that the mere idea of being any of the things Jake called him…? They just seemed so ludicrous. Closing his eyes, he shook his head quickly only to stop when he felt perfect lush lips against his own. A sound of agonizing need left him as his fingers pushed deeper into Jake’s hair.

            The feeling of his warm slick tongue probing gently at his lips had him instantly opening up for the other man. Sliding one hand down to rest on the back of Jake’s neck, he sucked and nibbled on the man’s tongue before letting it go. Somewhere in the back of his mind he registered his phone being sat on the floor near his head and the freed hand pushed deep into his own hair.

            Shivering out a moan into Jake’s mouth at the feeling of that tongue pressed to the roof of his mouth, he knew this would never lose its flame. Jake set him on fire. Sometimes all he needed was looks or glances… sometimes only words. In the end, all he needed was Jake. Pushing his hand down the other man’s back, he started to pull up his lover’s shirt inch by inch… until the loud tone erupted from his phone.

            Jake stilled the kiss as if debating… then he pulled away. Clay moved to get the phone, only to have it snatched from his hand. Lifting his gaze to his lover’s face, he watched as his brow furrowed. “Apparently, I’m Mr. Amazing and I do exist.”

            Another loud tone erupted from the phone and Clay winced. This time both of Jake’s brows raised high, almost enough to meet his hair line. “She wants to know how far we’ve…” There is slight amusement in those eyes as they cut past the phone to his own. “Clay…”

            “I swear to God I have never talked about that with her before!” The smile pulling at Jake’s lips had him back pedaling. “What did she really say?”

            That was all it took for his lips to fully transform into a smile. Without answering, Jake sat back on his hips and typed out a reply to her purposely squirming a little against his hips. Clay thought his brain was going to implode as he arched under him and into the curve of his lover’s ass. Jake merely half closed his eyes and his lips parted in a sudden inhale… and even that was erotic to see.

            Jake…” Reaching out he gripped the other man’s hips hard as he bucked up into him. It wasn’t fair… the way his lover reacted should be illegal for how amazingly enticing it looked. Green darkened further as Jake managed to push down into him never once looking away from the phone. But Clay noticed his fingers still on the keypad.

            “I told her to behave or I’ll take a picture of you right now and send it to her.” Oh. That was dirty. Reaching up for the phone, Jake pulled it out of his reach smiling. Clay’s eyes widened a little as the man pushed it into the back of his jeans and arched a brow. “How badly do you want it back, baby?”

            Looking into the eyes of the man he loved more than anything, he saw so much in just one glance. Clay breathed in slowly and relaxed back into the floor. Returning his hands to the curves of his lover’s hips, he kneaded them softly. Sometimes when he looked at his lover, he knew what it felt like to love, hate, be afraid, and feel content. There were moments when Jake’s eyes were dark with something Clay didn’t understand, and even now while they were playing, Clay could see it edge his every move.

            “I love you.”

            The simple words made Jake blink a few times before ducking his head just a little. “Yeah? I love you, too.”

            Smiling slowly, he reached up to curl a hand around the back of his neck and tugged Jake down to him. When their lips touched, he softly kissed him in a slow movement of lips sliding against lips. Licking at the petal soft flesh, he whispered into his mouth with something like awe. “All of the love songs make sense…”

            The other man pulled back a little, a touch of surprise in his eyes before shaking his head and smiling. “Ok… now I see what she meant…” Clay’s brow furrowed in confusion as Jake slid back down to kiss his neck. “She said ‘I’m glad they finally make  sense’.”

            Clay smiled. He had to smile. Because she used to ask him that every time he dated someone. Running the hand on Jake’s neck up into the spikes of dark blonde he closed his eyes. Lips, so full and sweet were on his again as he melted into the kiss. Perfect slide of lips in a way that made him realize they fit. And it reminded him why those darker shadows in the man’s eyes never made him afraid of anything except losing him.

            They fit. All of the hewn stone that was their lives… fit together perfectly filling in the gaps where something was chipped away. Jake filled his life like nothing he could remember. Sometimes he realized what the sad love songs meant now when they said they’d do anything. It wasn’t the ‘anything’ a friend or family member would do. It was the ‘anything’ that you did for your soul mate. That’s why it was so easy to stay here. There was no question… no doubt.

            “Do we have a song, Clay?” Jake’s voice against his lips just before another kiss had him arching up into him again as he wrapped him up in his arms. Smiling into those lips, he sucked and nibbled on the upper before rolling the lower in his teeth and pulling back slowly just to release it.

            “You’re my song. And I don’t want to hear anything else.” Just because Mozart’s requiems held darkness and despair… didn’t make them less amazing or beautiful. Jake was his own song. And Clay would just hold on to it… never stop listening. In the end? Clay knew he was born just for Jake Grey.


Can you still see? The heart of me?
All my agony fades away
When you hold me in your embrace…
Don’t tear me down for all I need.
Make my heart a better place
Give me something I can believe.
Don’t tear me down
You’ve open the door now,
Don’t let it close…

“All I Need” by Within Temptation


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